Three Days to Chicago

Three Days to Chicago

Three Days to Chicago is a visual novel about self-discovery, emotional intimacy, and the possibility presented in new relationships.

Players are asked to make decisions to help Aaron, a video game artist stuck in a rut, find direction in his personal, professional, and romantic lives. Early in a cross-country train trip, Aaron meets Paul, a young-at-heart daddy bear with his own insecurities and challenges. Over the next three days, the pair find themselves drawn closer together and explore the connections between their lives, hopes, and fears.

As the train glides toward its final stop, the two must decide where they go from here. Are they friends? A vacation fling? A missed connection? Or could this lead to something else?


  • Three Days to Chicago is intended to be played in a single session. Depending on player choices, routes can take 1.5-2 hours to complete.
  • Tailored narrative experience where your choices define platonic, professional, and romantic relationships.
  • Expressively animated character portraits bring retro FMV flair to DIY zine styled graphic design.
  • Coast-to-coast background photography, shot entirely on location across the United States.
  • Original atmospheric synth-pop soundtrack.
  • 7 different endings.
Available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.